Couples Counselling in South Dublin


Most marriages at some point experience difficulties. 

Addressing a short term confrontation can be extremely beneficial to the long term health of your relationship.

If you’ve come to this site you are probably someone who is concerned that your marriage or relationship is in trouble and you are searching for ways to address the problems you and your partner are facing as a couple.


Most likely what has brought you here is a recent crisis or row and you have decided that you have had enough and need to do something about your relationship conflict.

Sometimes a marriage relationship crisis comes out of the blue such as the discovery of an affair or conflict and tension may build up over a long time and then come to head resulting in a major row or conflict.


If you are going through such a crisis at the moment the good news is that relationships are not set in stone and can respond to change.

You have the ability to influence the outcome of their marriage through relationship improvement behaviour, such as learning to understand your partner’s behaviour and feelings, investing time and energy in ‘working’ on your relationship, and using support such as marriage counselling.


I will help to empower the couple to recognise that they have more control over their relationship than they realise and their behaviour can have a significant effect on the quality of their marriage relationship.

The way a couple communicate has a bearing on many aspects of their marriage and for many couples I see for couple counselling their relationship can be developed through improving their communication skills.

Sometimes it is hard to talk to our husband or wife but being open with a partner can help a couple to increase their sense of closeness or ‘togetherness’ and facilitates the development of trust in the relationship

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